President’s Annual Report and Code of Conduct

Highlights of the PRESIDENT’S ANNUAL REPORT for 2018-2019 presented at the

Annual General Meeting on June 20, 2019

President attended the Mississauga Library System Staff Appreciation Day, which provided the opportunity to connect with Library staff from throughout the system

Revenue from book sales continues to show increases over previous years, thanks to the diligent organizational efforts of the Booksale Chair, Margo Harvie, and the hard work of our volunteers, notably:

  • Revenue from text books is being maximised through the efforts of Ashok Sagar
  • Online sales have continued to grow, under the direction of Rabia Fatima
  • Book donations from the public seem to have increased, with many new books being received every week

Pursuant to FOL status as a Registered Group with the City of Mississauga, a Code of Conduct has been adopted for members and amendments to By-laws regarding the Code of Conduct, notice of AGM, complaints resolution and conflict of interest has been proposed for approval at the AGM

Promoting library service:

  • Friends increased funding available for school bus trips to local branch libraries
  • Friends increased support for Grade 4 Read to Succeed and TD Summer Reading Club
  • Friends continued to fund visits by authors to local libraries
  • Friends provided funding for publicity, printing and honoraria for Maker Mississauga Fest, which was held on May 25 at the Central Library
  • Friends provided funding for a community garden at the Woodlands branch library

Promoting literacy:

  • Friends again provided the cash prizes for the Mississauga Regional Spelling Bee Competition
  • Friends continued to fund Reach Out and Read, a program that helps to expose very young children to books and reading

Promoting library education:

  • Jim Wilde Library Education Award was awarded to two recipients this year – Moriah Gillette and Maya Krol


  • Departure of Jillian Murphy, who initiated our online book sales and managed our Glass Room sales: Jillian left to pursue an employment opportunity in the UK, and we thank her for her service to the Friends
  • Tiffany Lo, book sale volunteer and Student Intern, left to pursue her education: thanks and good luck to Tiffany
  • There are currently three vacancies on the FOL Executive, actively looking for someone who could help with publicity and promotion
  • High volume of book donations continues to be a challenge

Good news:

  • Rabia Fatima, Student Intern, became a full-member of the Executive and took over online and Glass Room sales
  • Revenues remain strong and FOL is well-positioned to meet financial commitments for the current year

The Friends would like to acknowledge the benefits of our City Registered Group status:

  • Rooms for monthly meetings and AGM
  • Group-liability insurance
  • City liaison – Ingrid Keuper-Dalton
  • Permission to apply for use of City by-ways to advertise

Thanks to all fellow members of the Executive: Eva Kolaczkowski, Shanaz Fancy, Margo Harvie, Betty Philip, Ashok Sagar, Caroline Derouet and Rabia Fatima, for their contributions and support over the past year

Thanks to all of our book sale volunteers, for their efforts in maintaining and improving our major fundraiser

Thanks to our library liaison, Ingrid Keuper-Dalton, and to all of the staff who make our Library System something we are proud to support

Thanks to all of our members for their ongoing support and participation


Code of Conduct for Members of the Friends of the Mississauga Library System

The Friends of the Mississauga Library System (“the Friends) is a voluntary, charitable corporation which has been established for the following purposes:

1) to support the extension and improvement of the services and resources of the Library;

2) to support library-related educational and training opportunities;

3) to encourage the use of the Library’s services and facilities by all members of the community;

4) to encourage and support literacy in the community; and

5) to undertake activities which afford the membership opportunities to broaden their knowledge.

The Friends may undertake all manner of lawful activities to raise funds or to obtain materials in support of the activities listed above. The Friends shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members.

Members, including members of the Executive Board of the Friends, are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct when working on behalf of the Friends:

  • Respect the confidentiality and privacy of information received in the course of meetings and activities, including personal information
  • Ensure information gained as an Executive Board member is only applied to proper purposes
  • Not disclose official information or documents acquired through membership of the Executive Board, other than as required by law or where agreed by decision of the Board
  • Not make improper use of their position as Executive Board members to gain advantage for themselves or for any other person
  • Act in a manner that is consistent with existing laws and regulations
  • Act ethically, with honesty and integrity, in the best interests of the Friends at all times
  • Act in a financially-responsible manner
  • Exercise due care, diligence and skill
  • Treat colleagues with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness, and have proper regard for their interests, rights, safety and welfare
  • Not harass, bully or discriminate against colleagues
  • Encourage feedback from the membership
  • Declare potential conflicts of interest, and refrain from discussion and voting when applicable
  • Not speak on behalf of the Friends, unless designated by the Executive Board
  • Implement the formal decisions of the Executive Board made in its meetings
  • Consult the President on any questions regarding the Code of Conduct
  • Understand that breaches of this Code may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension of membership